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Extra attention helps cut flowers stay vibrant longer

Extra attention helps cut flowers stay vibrant longer
Cut flowers can brighten up your day—and your home. If you received fresh flowers this holiday season and want to keep them fresher longer, a little extra attention can go a long way.

Virginia’s greenhouse industry continues to grow

White’s Nursery & Greenhouses Inc. began as a cut flower farm in the 1940s but has since blossomed into 21 acres of greenhouse production and 5 acres of field production.

Lilacs not blooming? See if they get enough light

Lilacs in bloom are a lush, purple highlight on a home landscape, but if your lilac bush didn’t bloom this year, horticulturalist Mark Viette of Viette Nurseries in Augusta County has a solution.

Census finds U.S. horticulture becoming more diverse

The sales of food crops grown under protection in the United States more than doubled in the past decade as U.S. horticultural operations are becoming more diverse and taking advantage of newly emerging agricultural trends, according to results of the 2009 Census of Horticultural Specialties.

Daylilies are a hot option for summer color

Daylilies will thrive in a variety of light, soil and water conditions. And their blooms peak when the mercury does.

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