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Dairy producers asked to participate in Farm Bureau survey

Dairy producers asked to participate in Farm Bureau survey
The American Farm Bureau Federation and American Farm Bureau Insurance Services have been collaborating to develop a new dairy insurance product and are hosting an online survey to support market research efforts.

School system finds flavored milk does a budget good

School system finds flavored milk does a budget good
Los Angeles’ public school system is crediting flavored milk with offsetting some of its budget deficit.

Dairy promotions boost milk, yogurt consumption in some schools

Virginia dairy farmers have long supported promotional programs for milk and dairy products, and the need for them is greater than ever now that dairy prices have dropped 35 percent in the past two years.

Farm organizations urging Dannon to drop deceitful marketing

The American Farm Bureau Federation has joined with other farm organizations to urge food companies to recognize that farmers’ sustainability goals can’t be achieved without the use of modern agricultural practices.

Montgomery, Pulaski young farmers provide milk for outreach center

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers in Montgomery and Pulaski counties recently raised $4,500 to purchase milk for a local outreach center.

USDA to measure financial well-being of dairy farmers

USDA to measure financial well-being of dairy farmers
Representatives of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service are visiting dairy farms across the nation in January to assess the state of today’s dairy industry.

USDA expands safety net for dairy operations

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced April 12 that dairy farms participating in the Margin Protection Program can now update their production history when an eligible family member joins the operation.

Study finds whole milk may help with weight loss

A recently published study in the journal Circulation discusses how whole milk may promote cardiometabolic health.

Calf Tour milking public interest in dairy industry

Homestead Creamery Inc. started a brand awareness campaign that has turned into an East Coast educational tour.

Virginia is 603 dairy farms strong

Last year 91,000 cows on Virginia’s dairy farms produced more than 208 million gallons of milk for beverages, butter, cream, ice cream and other products. The average American ate 8.5 pounds of ice cream, 8.1 pounds of Cheddar cheese and 10.4 pounds of yogurt in 2013. Obviously, dairy is a big deal, and Virginia’s dairy farm families take their work seriously.