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Shoppers will save money this summer on burgers and steaks

Shoppers will save money this summer on burgers and steaks
Just as grilling season gets underway, consumers can expect to pay less for burgers and steaks for their cookouts.

Choice beef is what consumers want

U.S. beef producers are raising more beef that is grading choice or prime, and consumers have an extremely high demand for those higher-quality products.

Bull, beef industry prices are up nationwide

While droughts in 2011 and 2012 decreased cattle herds across the country, the beef industry is now enjoying an increase in demand and price—particularly prices for breeding bulls.

Farmers urge Senate to repeal COOL, avoid harmful tariffs

Farmers and ranchers are urging the U.S. Senate to follow the House of Representatives’ lead and repeal country-of-origin labeling, or COOL, mandates for beef, pork and chicken.

Beef is at top of shoplifters’ lists, Adweek reports

Choice cuts of beef such as filet mignon are among the most-shoplifted merchandise in the country, trade publication Adweek reported recently.

Brewery mash makes for contented cows, farmers say

It’s a happy marriage of recycling and animal husbandry for two beef cattle operations in Nelson County. Massie and Joyce Saunders feed spent mash from Blue Mountain Barrel House Brewery as a supplement to their herd at Rose Isle Farm.

Air quality specialist says beef not to blame for emissions

Dr. Frank Mitloehner’s research at the University of California-Davis challenged the United Nations’ claims that livestock are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions.

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