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Peanut brittle is a sweet Southern holiday favorite

Peanut brittle is a sweet Southern holiday favorite
Southerners like their homemade sweets. During the holidays, what better gift to give than a tasty treat made with Virginia peanuts?

Harvest yields cut for Virginia peanuts, other field crops

After a record 2014 harvest, Virginia peanut growers anticipate a 10 percent smaller harvest this year, at 76 million pounds. 

Virginia’s 2014 peanut yield set national record

March is National Peanut Month, and peanuts are an important part of Virginia’s agriculture industry. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recently announced that 2014 was a record-setting year for the state’s peanut growers. 

Heavy rainfall virtually halts fieldwork, damages some Va. crops

Although Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Virginia “dodged a bullet” with Hurricane Joaquin, farmers still got hit with crop damage.