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Grant funding available for Southside vineyard development; additional grapes needed

Grant funding available for Southside vineyard development; additional grapes needed
The Virginia Tobacco Commission has awarded a grant to help grow Southern Virginia wineries.

Tobacco, broilers, milk are Virginia’s leading organic products

Tobacco is the leading organic product in Virginia, the state’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services announced Sept. 16, citing survey findings of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Global tobacco reps learn about quality U.S. leaf

Visitors from almost a dozen countries recently learned about tobacco grown in what several people referred to as “the greatest tobacco region in the world.”

Historic tobacco barns being saved

Like many old rural buildings, tobacco curing barns often are left to collapse from old age. But unlike other old barns, tobacco barns also represent a business and a way of life that shaped Virginia for centuries.

Heavy rainfall virtually halts fieldwork, damages some Va. crops

Although Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Virginia “dodged a bullet” with Hurricane Joaquin, farmers still got hit with crop damage.

Virginia’s oldest cash crop holding on in a new age

It’s been more than a decade since the 2004 tobacco buyout, but the Virginia commodity is still growing strong.

Tobacco remains a top Virginia crop

Virginia flue-cured tobacco production has rebounded from a decade ago, when the generations-old auction system and federal tobacco quotas ended. 

Tobacco growers will have to weigh options in light of closing

Smaller-scale burley tobacco growers in Southwest Virginia will have to consider their next move in light of the closing of a Philip Morris USA receiving station.

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