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Proper precautions prior to digging keeps family farms safe

Proper precautions prior to digging keeps family farms safe
April is National Safe Digging Month, and it’s the perfect time to emphasize how farmers can ensure the safety of family, farms and neighbors.

Agricultural safety week to focus on farmers’ best investment

Agricultural safety week to focus on farmers’ best investment
Agricultural safety is one of the best investments for farmers and ranchers.

SMV emblems can be life-saving on rural roads

Farm equipment is sometimes wider than rural roads, and it’s built for power, not speed. With planting season in full swing across Virginia, motorists should watch for triangular orange emblems on the back of farm equipment.

High heat in summer poses risks to farmers

With temperatures soaring into the 90s or higher, heat-related illnesses become a serious occupational hazard for farmers and others who work outdoors.

Checking equipment can prevent hay-cutting accidents

Farmers who are getting ready to cut and bale hay should make a habit of checking equipment before heading out to the field.

Sharing rural roads: Distance and speed are important factors

One of the most important symbols on U.S. rural roads turns 53 years old this year. The red-and-orange triangular slow-moving vehicle emblem adorns the rear of thousands of pieces of farm equipment in Virginia; yet every year there are collisions between automobiles and tractors.

Follow product guidelines when heating barns and farm outbuildings

When the weather turns cold, some farmers begin working more often in unheated barns and workshops. Many also begin using wood-burning stoves or space heaters, which can present safety concerns.

Drive carefully; planting season means more farm equipment on the roads

It’s part of the job: Raising food on a farm sometimes entails moving tractors and other equipment on the road.

Online resource available for farm safety questions

A new farm safety and health resource is available online from eXtension, a research- and education-based website supported by 74 land grant universities, including Virginia State University and Virginia Tech.

Follow product guidelines, use caution with heating appliances

When the weather turns cold, some farmers and homeowners spend more time in unheated barns and workshops. To keep warm, many turn to wood-burning stoves or space heaters.

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