Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Layer your business protection and avoid coverage gaps.

Sometimes a business bumps into liability limits for a good reason. For instance, winning a major client contract may require you to carry more coverage than you can get with a business liability insurance policy. Or perhaps your business is growing fast and you need to stay a step ahead. Business umbrella insurance with Virginia Farm Bureau may be the answer. Ask your agent about raising your limits.

Add another layer of protection, affordably.

Additional protection can be more affordable than you think when added to your existing policies. Plus, Virginia Farm Bureau never charges for your certificate of insurance.

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Why does my small business need an umbrella policy?

This flexible policy can be applied in all kinds of liability situations. Catastrophic events can and do happen in which damages exceed the coverage of a standard BOP or general liability policy. In these cases, an umbrella policy protects your business from paying out after the liability limits are hit. Take a look at these scenarios with an umbrella policy:

Your contracting company is awarded a major contract for construction of a new office complex. But one of the conditions is that you carry $3 million in general liability insurance, and your current policy limit is only $1 million. An umbrella policy allows you to raise your limit and move forward with the contract.

The driver of your company truck loses control and crashes into another car, causing serious injuries. The maximum limit is paid on your underlying commercial auto policy, but the injured person has additional medical bills and rehabilitation costs. An umbrella policy picks up where the commercial policy left off.

A fire burns down an entire apartment building. Unfortunately, it’s determined that your electrical business made mistakes that sparked the fire. The cost of rebuilding plus damages for the occupants’ property exceeds your general liability policy. Your umbrella policy kicks in to pay for the damages.

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