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Your farm is more than a business.

As a company by farmers, for farmers, we understand that your farm or ranch is also your life, your home. It’s why we’re committed to providing smart insurance coverage that protects you from today’s risks and challenges. Whether you’re a small family farm or commercial ag operation, you’ll get an experienced agent who understands farming to provide you with a tailored plan and free quote. Come see why we’re the #1 farm insurer in Virginia1.

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Farm/Home Insurance

Protect everything on your property, including your home, outbuildings, farming equipment (tractor and machinery), harvested and marketed crops, livestock, and more.

Agritourism or Agribusiness Operations

If the general public visits your farm or you take your products to a farmers market, your farming assets should be protected with a comprehensive insurance plan.

Crop Insurance

You can’t control the weather. But we can help you manage your risk against crop loss caused by natural disasters and revenue loss caused by fickle markets.

Personalized coverage matters for your farm.

Whether you run a small or large operation, own or rent your premises and land, or raise crops or livestock, our policies can be tailored to meet your needs.

Do your farm activities qualify as Agritourism?

The agritourism label is surprisingly broad. Do you know if you’re running an Agritourism business? Learn more about what agritourism activities are here.

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Our farm coverage options are as varied as the farmers we serve.

To make sure you and your farm stay productive and running smoothly, we can tailor your coverage to include property, farm liability, equipment, cattle, as well as farm vehicles. Talk to your local agent today about options, discounts, and coverage.

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Why Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance?

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You'll Support Virginia Agriculture

When you get insurance with us, you become a Friend of the Farm™. Your membership helps support farmers and their families, agriculture, and the Virginia way of life.

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You'll Enjoy Member Deals & Savings

Get access to member deals ® and savings at restaurants and retail locations nationwide.

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You'll Get Local, Personal Attention

Our agents live where you live, which means we’re right around the corner when the inevitable fender-bender or unexpected life event happens.

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You Can Access Your Account Anywhere

Manage your policy from your mobile device or your computer. You can get car insurance quotes, request auto ID cards, and more wherever you are.

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You Get Coverage Tailored to Your Needs

Don’t settle for the minimum—make sure your coverage fits your life. Our agents customize your policy to fit your needs, budget, and the amount of coverage you need.

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You'll See Why Our Member Satisfaction is So High

Our overall retention rate is hard to beat—92% of our members stay with us year after year 1.