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Grain Marketing is one of several Virginia Farm Bureau services designed to help our producer members gain greater value for their commodities. Since 1972, we've been buying and selling corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, oats and milo at the best market price for our producer members.

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When you contact Grain Marketing, you will speak with either Robert Harper or Josey Moore, who together have more than 15 years of commodity marketing experience. Their mission is to connect you with carriers for your commodity and futures to hedge against risk. Then they will get you the best price for your product in a timely and reliable manner.

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Robert Harper

Robert Harper

Grain Marketing Specialist


Josey Moore

Grain Marketing Specialist

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Using the Grain Division gives us the comfort of another set of eyes on our situation. They do a good job of explaining their knowledge of the market to help us understand the best decision for marketing our grain. It gives us the ability to capitalize on upside grain markets while keeping our business local and supporting Virginia Farm Bureau.

—Wayne & Grayson Kirby, Creamfield Farms