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Navigating the world of auto insurance can be confusing. What kind of coverage do you really need? As fellow Virginians, we know the commonwealth's requirements backwards and forwards, and our agents can customize a policy to fit your needs—and your budget.

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Why insure your car with Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance?


You'll Support Virginia Agriculture

When you get insurance with us, you become a Friend of the Farm™. Your membership helps support farmers and their families, agriculture, and the Virginia way of life.

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You’ll Enjoy Exclusive Member Deals® & Savings

Get access to member deals® and savings at restaurants and retail locations nationwide.

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You’ll Get Local, Personal Attention

Our agents live where you live, which means we’re right around the corner when the inevitable fender-bender or unexpected life event happens.

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You Can Access Your Account Anywhere

Manage your policy from your mobile device or your computer. You can get car insurance quotes, request auto ID cards, and more wherever you are.

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You’ll See Why Our Member Satisfaction Is So High

Our overall retention rate is hard to beat—92% of our members stay with us year after year.1

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You Get Coverage Tailored to Your Needs

Don’t settle for the minimum—make sure your coverage fits your life. Our agents customize your policy to fit your needs, budget, and the amount of coverage you need.

Save up to 30% with Drive2SaveSM

The Drive2Save program can help safe drivers save more on their auto insurance. Drivers that enroll in the program will receive an instant 10% participation discount. That discount could increase to up to 30% for our safest drivers.

Learn about Drive2Save

Auto Insurance That Fits Your Life

Get help ensuring your car or truck has all the coverage it needs… and nothing it doesn’t. Our local agents will walk you through your coverage options, from the very basic to the highest degree, so you can find affordable auto insurance that makes sense for your life.2

Loan/Lease Payoff Coverage

Typical personal auto policies only cover the actual cash value of a totaled vehicle. If you owe more to your lender than what your car is worth, you will still need to cover the difference. Or we can help. Add Auto Loan/Lease Payoff Coverage to your new, used, or leased vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

Farm Bureau Insurance members with our Towing and Labor coverage will automatically receive Roadside Assistance, powered by Nation Safe Drivers. With Roadside Assistance coverage, you get the same services, and we will cover all costs up to your coverage limit. Call (800) 452-7714 to get assistance 24/7.

Rideshare Coverage

Bring your Farm Bureau auto coverage along for the ride. Transportation Network Coverage (TNC) helps to fill the gaps in insurance policies offered by rideshare or delivery companies, like Uber or Lyft. Coverage starts the moment you turn on the company's app, until you turn it off again. In case of an accident, it may save you thousands of dollars.3

New Vehicle Replacement Coverage

Purchasing a new car is a big investment of time and money. If you total your new car or truck in the first two years, this coverage will pay to replace it with a new vehicle of the same make and model.

Accident Forgiveness Protection

Accidents can happen to anyone, that’s life. Adding this coverage means we won’t raise your rate due to your first at-fault accident. Subsequent at-fault accidents even have the potential to be forgiven as well! Save money in the long term by adding this coverage today!

Liability Coverage

This basic auto insurance pays out when your car, truck, or van causes damage to someone or something else. If you drive an older car and don’t have many other assets to protect, you may not need much more coverage than this. Check with your local agent to find out.

Collision Coverage

This picks up where liability insurance leaves off—it covers your own vehicle when you cause an accident or hit a stationary object. This coverage is especially important if you drive a newer model car or carry an auto loan.

Other Than Collision Coverage

Sometimes called comprehensive coverage, this option covers damage to your car not caused by a collision. It takes care of issues like fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, weather-related damage, and deer that come out of nowhere.

Medical Expense Benefit

This can offset your health insurance deductible and pay out for your passengers’ injuries if necessary. It’s also an added buffer if you’re liable in an accident that causes serious injuries.

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Pet Coverage

Extend your insurance protection to your furry friends as well. If your dog or cat is with you during an accident and is injured or worse, this coverage goes toward vet bills or pays a death benefit (similar to life insurance). It’s built in to comprehensive coverage.3

Transportation Expenses

If your vehicle suffers damage that’s covered under your policy, your transportation expenses (such as rental car charges) can be covered up to a specified amount while your car is being repaired or replaced.

Electronic Equipment Coverage

If you’ve upgraded your stereo, this option is for you. This protection applies to custom parts or equipment, devices, accessories, enhancements, and changes other than those installed by the original manufacturer that alter the performance of your vehicle.

Income Loss Benefits

Car accidents can cause serious, life-altering injuries that may force you to miss time at work. This coverage can help provide for your family if accident-related injuries keep you off the job and cause a loss of income.

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Towing & Labor

Cars break down at the most inconvenient times. This package includes towing, gas delivery, tire replacement, and more to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, no matter where or when you need help.

Customized Equipment Coverage

Non-electronic modifications to your truck or van require this special coverage. You can insure the value of your custom seats, special furnishings, carpeting, wheelchair lift or other interior customizations with this option.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If someone else causes a crash and doesn’t have insurance, or if their insurance isn’t enough to repair or replace the damage they caused to you, this coverage kicks in.

Other Coverage

Talking with your local agent is the best way to find out what riders or specific coverages are recommended for your specific situation. You may need to fill a gap with one of these:

  • Death Indemnity coverage
  • Tapes, Records, Discs, and Other Media Coverage
  • Extended Non-Owned Automobile Coverage
  • Joint Ownership Coverage
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Virginia Auto Insurance Discounts

Teen Driver Discounts

We reward teens who keep their grades up and practice responsible driving habits. These discounts can save new drivers up to 25% on their premiums.

Learn More

Good Driver Discounts

We appreciate safe drivers. Avoid accidents and violations in your household and you could save up to 5%.

New Policy Discounts

It pays to be a good driver. If you're a new policy holder with a safe driving record, you could save up to 25%.

Safety Features Discounts

You could save up to 30% just for having certain safety features in your car, such as anti-lock brakes.

Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance Reviews

14 years with Farm Bureau and the entire process FAR EXCEEDS my expectations in all areas.

William & April J.

Best insurance company! Been with Farm Bureau 40 years for home and auto!

Tamara G.

We always receive excellent service. Thank you so much!

John & Carol B.

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