Make Safety a Top Priority on Your Farm, and on Surrounding Roads

Agriculture ranks as one of the most hazardous industries in the U.S.
Farm-related injuries and fatalities continue to occur in Virginia, and they remain a concern in farming communities. Please make safety a top priority this year, and learn how to keep your farm and surrounding roads safe.

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Safety on the Farm

The farm can be a hazardous place. These resources provide information to help farmers, farm families, farm employees and visitors remain safe.

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Responding to Farm Accidents

What do you do if there is an accident on your farm? These resources show how to prepare for farm-related accidents and help emergency personnel respond appropriately if accidents occur.

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Physical and Mental Health of Farm Workers

Farm accidents can happen when stress leads to poor decision-making. Increased stress can lead to physical and mental health concerns. Here are some resources that can help.

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Safety on Rural Roads

Rural roads see interaction between agricultural, commercial, passenger, recreational, and pedestrian traffic, leading to increased potential for accidents. These resources can assist all drivers in reducing their risks.

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Safety on ATVs, UTVs and Lawn Mowers

ATVs, UTVs and lawn mowers can be very useful on the farm, but they raise unique safety concerns. These resources provide tips on operating these pieces of equipment responsibly.

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Using Chainsaws Safely

Logging is the nation’s most dangerous occupation, with fatal injuries more than 30 times the rate for all U.S. workers. Tree-care workers also encounter hazards at higher rates.

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