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Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC

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What is AgPAC?

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC is a nonpartisan political action committee that works to build relationships with elected officials and enhance their understanding of agricultural issues. AgPAC evaluates candidates running for the Virginia General Assembly for potential endorsement. The committee also evaluates the agriculture and forestry platforms of candidates running for the statewide offices of governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general to potentially provide in-kind contributions to help promote these issues.

More frequently asked questions

Who makes these endorsement decisions?

Candidates are evaluated by farmer members of their local county Farm Bureaus, who then make recommendations to the VFBF AgPAC Board of Trustees, which is comprised of elected farmer member representatives from each region of the state. Urban area candidates also are evaluated by farmer members from across the state who then make recommendations to the AgPAC Board. The AgPAC Board makes the final endorsement decisions.

How are candidates evaluated?

The evaluation process begins after the primary elections during state election years and is governed by the AgPAC Board of Trustees. The process can include candidate questionnaires, interviews or roundtable discussions, and a review of an incumbent’s voting record, as well as the relationship with their farmer constituents.

What kind of candidates get the AgPAC endorsement?

Incumbents are evaluated based on a positive record during the General Assembly, their leadership and assistance with critical Farm Bureau issues, a keen understanding of current issues affecting agriculture and rural communities, and their history of engaging with Farm Bureau members. For candidates in open seats and urban areas, farmers evaluate their knowledge on issues, as well as their willingness to learn about and support these issues with an open mind.

Are you a candidate?

If you are a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates or Senate of Virginia and are interested in learning more about VFBF AgPAC, contact Martha Moore.

Please note: AgPAC does not issue endorsements in primary races and will reach out to general election candidates after the primaries.

Are you a member?

If you are a VFB producer member and are interested in becoming involved with AgPAC, simply contact your local county Farm Bureau office. Also, please consider contributing to AgPAC online. If you would prefer to write a check, please take it to your county office or mail it to:

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC,
c/o Sam Norman,
12580 West Creek Parkway,
Richmond, VA 23238

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