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At Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance, a business owners policy offers packaged business insurance coverage without the hassle of multiple policies. It rolls property coverage, general liability, and lost income coverage together, so the total cost is often lower than individual policies. The coverage is specially tailored to mid-size and small businesses, and can include some home businesses and incidental online sales, and you can add specialized coverage according to your industry. Virginia Farm Bureau knows that small business is the backbone of the local communities we’ve promised to protect, so each BOP is built to mitigate risk and help your business flourish.

Everyday protection you can rely on.

From farms to florists to financial advisors, every business needs to protect itself with the right BOP. We offer competitive rates and never charge for your certificate of insurance.

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How does a BOP protect my small business?

Maintaining a solid profit margin takes hard work and innovation in the best of circumstances. If your business is forced to close temporarily due to a fire, or a customer is injured because of your store or products, costs can add up quickly. A BOP stands guard against those expensive setbacks. Whether your business is a non-profit like a church, a traditional retail space, or a thriving office environment, a BOP anticipates common risks so your operation can survive and thrive after a disaster.

Property Insurance Coverage protects your office space or building as well as equipment, inventory, and other property owned by your business.

Liability Insurance protects you if someone is injured at your business or by using your products and services. It also protects you if you're sued for a covered liability and have to pay out.

Business Interruption Insurance and Extra Expense Insurance replaces lost revenue after a disaster that prevents you and your employees from generating income, such as a fire or can help offset temporary expenses associated resulting from a covered claim, such as additional temporary storage expense.

What if I need additional protection and endorsement options?

Since a BOP combines coverage types, events that disrupt your business in multiple ways can all be handled with one claim. For example, let’s say a clothing and gift boutique takes out a BOP policy. Right before the holiday season, a water pipe bursts and ruins inventory as well as the floors. First, the BOP will cover the cost of damaged inventory and shop space. Second, since water damage is a covered loss, the BOP will also replace income lost while the shop was closed during the holiday shopping rush. As a result, the boutique’s owners can maintain business operations and other financial obligations despite the loss.

Your business may need these related products.

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto

Any vehicle used for business purposes needs commercial auto protection. Make sure your business is covered in case a driver in your business is held liable in an accident.

Commercial Umbrella

Commercial Umbrella

If you need more coverage than a liability insurance policy offers, this catch-all coverage keeps your growing business protected.

Contractors Insurance

Commercial Contractors Insurance

Companies and contractors on the go need more than liability coverage for their mobile equipment. This policy makes sure your mobile equipment and property is covered, no matter where work takes you.

Get personalized protection for your business

Let one of our qualified agents assist you in personalizing a BOP that meets your needs and your budget.

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The preceding insurance descriptions contain only a general explanation of available coverages and are intended for informational purposes only and do not replace or modify your individual policy’s provisions and applicable endorsements which control coverage determinations. To learn more about insurance coverage talk to your local Virginia Farm Bureau Agent.