Commercial Contractors Insurance

If your business is going places, you need commercial contractors insurance.

This versatile coverage pairs with a general liability or BOP to protect businesses that are always on the go. Also called commercial inland marine insurance, it’s essentially property insurance for mobile equipment and other items that are frequently moving from worksite to worksite. This might include construction machines, a photographer’s camera and computer, an HVAC contractor’s tools, or even products you’re shipping. Ask your local agent if this coverage is right for your business.

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We’ll make sure your equipment is covered wherever you’re going. Get an affordable commercial inland marine policy and free certificate of insurance to protect your business assets.

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Why does my small business need commercial contractors insurance?

Any business that travels with work equipment needs commercial contractors insurance. Here’s why: a commercial property policy will cover items that stay in your primary work space, but it doesn’t extend to items that are frequently offsite. By contrast, a commercial contractors insurance policy follows your tools and equipment out into the world.


The physical location of your business is covered and can include any and all buildings you use. Office electrical, plumbers, excavation, construction companies, and residential builders alike need to protect their materials and equipment that move from site to site. For example, if a backhoe were damaged by fire, commercial contractor insurance would help replace it.

Retail & Wholesale Auto Parts Stores

When a mechanic needs a part, your drivers have to get it there. Contractors insurance protects your customers as well as you if something happens to the goods during trip transit.

Appliance Repair

Transporting new machines or bringing old ones in for repair is part of the job, and taking care of it in transit requires extra protection. Make sure these hefty, expensive appliances are protected.

What does commercial contractor insurance cover?

This kind of policy protects valuable, mission-critical tools in case of theft, fire damage, and other covered losses. Those tools might be small electronics, massive hydraulics, or even a customer’s property.

Contractors and Construction Equipment

This includes protection against bodily injury, property damage, or uninsured motorists. If your work vehicle is at fault in an accident, this coverage makes sure your business doesn't absorb the cost.

Collision Coverage

From heavy industrial equipment to normal day to day tools, whatever equipment you take from place to place to run your business is covered.

Builders Risk

Contractors and builders make big investments of materials, supplies, and equipment while buildings take shape. This coverage protects your insurable interest in case of a covered loss during the construction phase.

Goods and Cargo

Hauling clients’ goods and products is a big responsibility. Make sure you’re protected against loss or damage.

Scheduled Property

Particular pieces of equipment, such as photographer's equipment, wedding decorations, catering set-ups or veterinarian medical equipment, may be unique or valuable enough to warrant extra coverage. These items can be added separately to the same policy.

Your business may need these related products.


Businessowners Policy

Bundle your business coverage for your property, business liability insurance, and more. A BOP streamlines multiple coverages into one policy and is usually less expensive than separate policies.

Commercial Property Insurance

General Liability

Every time your business opens its doors, you’re open to risk. Make sure your business is prepared for lawsuits and judgments against your business, so you can do right by the community without going under.

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