Agritourism Insurance

Showcase your Farm with Agritourism

Inviting the public onto your property introduces all Virginians to the state’s agricultural legacy—and introduces new liability risks, too. Be sure you and your assets are protected in this growing farm trend. Agritourism includes any recreational activity offered on your farm or in other agricultural settings, such as a farmers market. We’ll provide specialized protection for your activities, so you can enjoy showcasing your operation and products without a worry.

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Be sure you have the right protection. Ask your agent about coverage for new farm ventures.

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Do your farm activities qualify as Agritourism?

The agritourism label is surprisingly broad. Your business may naturally grow to include agritourism, so it’s important to make sure all your activities are covered. You may need special coverage for the buildings, equipment, and supplies used for these activities, as well as comprehensive liability coverage in case a visitor gets injured.

Common types of Virginia agricultural tourism:

  • Pick-your-own operations
  • Corn mazes
  • Roadside stands/farm stores
  • Wedding venues
  • Agricultural school tours
  • Farmers market events
  • Bed & breakfasts
  • Farm tours
  • Dinner-in-a-field
  • Hay mazes/hay rides
  • Farm-to-table events
  • Incidental hunting activities
  • Christmas tree farms
  • Winery & vineyard tours
  • Cider-making & cidery tours
  • Festivals & special events
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    Agritourism Coverages

    Premises & Operations Liability

    You want your farm to be a safe place, but sometimes injuries occur despite your best precautions. Our policy offers liability protection for activities such as hay rides, corn mazes, pick-your-own operations, farm tours, bed & breakfasts, farm wedding venues and many others.

    Product Liability

    If your product causes injury or illness to someone else (e.g. foodborne pathogens), your Farmowner policy can provide liability coverage. This coverage is vital if you grow and sell unprocessed products, such as fruits or vegetables, or processed products such as jam, beer, wine, or ice cream.

    Defense Costs

    Legal cost bills can add up quickly. If you’re sued or held liable for issues related to your agritourism activities, Farm Bureau will help cover the cost of your defense, including attorney fees, court costs, and other legal bills.

    Property Coverage

    Your property and merchandise used in your activities need special coverage. With your Farmowner policy, farm store inventory, hay wagons, wedding venue decorations, related equipment, and more should be protected from common perils such as fire, wind, and hail.

    Loss of Income & Extra Expense

    Any time that loss of or damage to your property could cause lost income or extra expenses, this optional coverage is recommended. Examples include a barn serving as a store that would have to be closed if damaged, or a replacement wagon for a hay ride due to covered damages.

    Questions To Ask Your Agent

    Not necessarily. Agribusiness is a great way to diversify your farm’s income, but bringing these new activities onto your farm also brings new risks. As a result, your liability increases and requires additional coverage. And the list of what qualifies as agritourism may be surprising—check our list of agritourism activities for examples. Note that some activities qualify as agritourism even if you offer them to the general public for free.

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    Your agribusiness insurance policy is designed to protect your day-to-day business activities but it may not be enough to cover outside events. Doing business at farmers markets, county fairs and festivals, or renting out your property for an event may require you to purchase coverage for your agribusiness activities. If your farm has always been a part of outside events and festivals, you may already have enough coverage. If you recently decided to start bringing your products or animals to events or if it has just been awhile since you’ve checked your policy, simply talk to your agent.

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    As more and more consumers look for fresh, locally grown products and new social experiences, agritourism offers a win-win for the public and for farmers looking to diversify their income. We understand that these new ventures are just as varied as Virginia’s farms. We can offer tailored coverage specific to your operation, seasonal activities, off-site activities, and more. Make sure you’re fully protected without paying for unnecessary coverage—talk to your agent for a customized coverage plan.

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    Find an Agent

    Be sure you have the right protection. Ask your agent about coverage for new farm ventures.

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