Commercial Property Insurance

Protect your business property with real world coverage.

The place you do business is more than a building—it’s where your customers know to find you, where you keep your tools for success, and home to real business assets; And it needs proper coverage. Whether your business is housed in a shop, a contractor’s storage building, or an office building, Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance offers commercial property insurance to protect your small business.

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Why does my small business need commercial property insurance?

No matter your industry, you have tools of the trade you need to protect against loss and damage. Business insurance for your property allows your company to bounce back after disasters that damage these essential tools. At Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance, we understand the investment you’ve made in your business equipment, building, and inventory. And we’ll make sure it’s covered. We support various industries across Virginia:

  • Carpentry workshops

  • Landscape gardening companies

  • Plumbing and electrical contractors

  • Heating and air conditioning contractors

  • Distributors

  • Gas stations

  • Florist and gift shops

  • Janitorial service providers

  • Attorneys and office spaces

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What does commercial property insurance cover?

Commercial property insurance covers your physical assets, such as inventory and equipment, from damage that could devastate your business. This ensures that you can get back to work without shouldering the financial burden of replacing essential equipment. Let’s say a fire destroyed your custom cabinetry workshop and the attached office. This business insurance could help rebuild the building, replace valuable equipment, and even help restore your customer records.

Buildings and Offices

The physical location of your business is covered and can include any and all building you use. Offices, storage facilities, shops, or any other building you use for your business can be covered.

Inventory & Assets

Almost any kind of asset can be protected, including documents, data, equipment, furniture, machinery, products, and inventory. Covered losses include fire and other forms of loss or damage.

What if I need additional protection and endorsement options?

Our local agent can examine your business operations and tailor coverage specifically for your needs. For instance, if your business frequently takes care of client property for repair or alterations you may need an additional policy. Your agent can help you identify and cover these situations.

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Businessowners Policy

Bundle your business coverage for your property, business liability insurance, and more. A BOP streamlines multiple coverages into one policy and is usually less expensive than separate policies.

commercial umbrella Insurance

Commerical Umbrella

This coverage goes above and beyond. If your construction or service contracts require more coverage than available through a general business liability policy, an umbrella policy increases your limits to continue business.

contractors Insurance

Commercial Contractors Insurance

Businesses that take valuable tools and equipment to various job sites need more than property coverage. Protect your property when it’s on the move and away from the office with a commercial contractors policy.

general liability Insurance

General Liability

Every time your business opens its doors, you’re open to risk. Make sure your business is prepared for lawsuits and judgments against your business, so you can do right by the community without going under.

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