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Dependable landlord insurance is smart business.

The right coverage can make or break a rental property investment. Our local agents can provide coverages that help protect you as a landlord and protect your building against disaster, so you can focus on filling your units. Talk to us about how we can help your tenants with renters insurance for their personal belongings and liability, too.

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What does homeowners insurance protect me against?

Fire or Lightning

Damage from electrical fires, kitchen fires, a candle left out or an iron left on, or a lightning strike that fries electronics and wiring

The Weight of Ice, Snow, or Sleet

Collapsed roofs, damaged gutters, leaks caused by ice dams, burst pipes caused by frozen heating units, structures damaged by falling trees

Windstorm or Hail

Damaged roofs, tornado damage, broken windows, damage from airborne objects, wind-driven moisture that seeps inside your home

Water Damage from Plumbing or Appliances

Busted lines to dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets that cause bubbled flooring, drywall damage, and appliance failure

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We cover more than you might expect. Ask an agent about all the perils you’re protected against with Virginia Farm Bureau.

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What Landlord Insurance Can Cover

When you insure a rental house or unit, you’re protecting yourself against loss of rental income as well. This safeguard helps protect your own lifestyle in case of disaster. Ask your local agent about which standard and add-on coverages are right for your situation.

Dwelling Protection

This covers your rental property and the structures attached to it, like a porch or deck. Damage from fire, falling trees, busted pipes, and more fall under this protection.

Other Structures Protection

Like other homeowner policies, unattached buildings and structures need their own coverage. This includes sheds, fences, in ground pools, carports, garages, and separate patios.

Liability Coverage

If your actions or neglect causes damage to your tenant or someone else visiting the property, this coverage helps pay the costs and protect your other assets.

Medical Protection Coverage

This coverage can help pay for medical expenses if someone is injured in an accident on your rental property, even if you’re not personally liable.

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Vandalism Coverage

Graffiti, ruined drywall, broken windows and more are included in this coverage. It helps cover repairs or replacement, including your own belongings used at the property.

Burglary Coverage

This coverage helps pay for the cost of your personal belonging and repairs of damages to the dwelling caused by burglary.

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Questions To Ask Your Agent

Landlord insurance protects both your investment property and your personal assets. It helps you rebuild or repair your rental property from most natural and tenant-inflicted disasters, such as a falling tree slicing through the roof or a grease fire gone wild. Landlord insurance also has a liability component. If something happens to a tenant or visitor that’s your fault and you’re taken to court, landlord insurance helps pay damages so you’re not paying out of pocket.

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It can cover everything from property damage to vandalism and more. Your local agent can help tailor a policy that protects your unique property, whether it’s house, apartment, or vacation condo. We’ll help identify your specific risks based on location, property type, your other assets, and more. Just ask for a free quote.

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Let’s say an electrical fire happens. If your rental property is uninhabitable due to damage, your tenants will need to move out temporarily and you’ll lose that rental income. Landlord insurance helps cover that lost income while the repairs are made for covered losses.

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A rental property carries more risks than your own home, so standard homeowners insurance won’t cover it. Even a short-term rental needs to be checked against your policy. And if you have a mortgage for the property, most lenders will require the proper coverage. Ask your local agent about your specific situation.

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