Workers Compensation

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Accidents happen even with great safety procedures in place. That's why workers’ compensation coverage is smart business. It protects your business assets even as it helps your injured employee with medical expenses and lost wages. Unlike liability insurance, which assumes negligence, workers’ comp is usually paid out regardless of fault. It gives the business and the employee an opportunity to move forward together.

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Many employers in Virginia are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage. We offer competitive rates and free certificates of insurance.

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Why does my business need workers compensation?

By law, any employer in Virginia with more than two employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. The state requires a minimum amount of employers’ liability. Your Virginia Farm Bureau agent can identify the right coverage amounts for your business. A standard policy includes three types of coverage:

Medical Expenses

If your employee is injured on the job, workers’ comp can cover his medical expenses. Most injuries that occur because of an employee’s job during their work tenure are included. This means injuries sustained in physically demanding jobs, such as on a farm or in construction, as well as those that can happen in an office. So if your employee cuts her hand during the work day, this policy will pay for her ER visit to get stitches.

Lost Wages

The majority of an employee's wages that are lost while recovering from a job-related injury are covered. This allows employers to pay temporary help without having to pay two people’s wages simultaneously or stiffing a valuable employee who’s out because of injury.

Employers’ Liability

Workers’ compensation essentially protects employers if they are found liable for their employees’ work-related injuries. This protects employers against a domino effect of liability or negligence lawsuits while still taking care of valued employees.

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Bundle, simplify, and save.

Ask how you can bundle a workers compensation policy with other critical business insurance products.

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