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Trust is built over generations.

Year after year, we continue to be Virginia’s #1 Farm Insurer.

We’ve been hard at work for Virginia farmers since 1950, and we’ve seen farming change a lot since then. That’s why we’re committed to offering innovative products for every operation, large or small.

Each one of our policyholders has access to a trained, local agent. Your agent will walk through your coverage options to help you identify risks to your property.

Farm insurance is as complicated as it looks. But getting coverage for both your home and business is easy with the help of our expert agents. With optional coverages, such as our Farmowner Advantage Endorsement, we’ll customize a policy that meets your needs.

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Farm Insurance Coverages

Coverage A: Residence

Residence on insured premises, additions, built-in components, fixtures, and construction materials and supplies

Coverage B: Related Private Structures

Detached garages, pools, driveways, fences and other permanently installed outdoor fixtures within 250ft from the residence

Coverage C: Personal Property

Personal property owned by you or in your care, such as jewelry, computers, firearms, or silverware

Coverage D: Additional Living Costs & Loss of Rent

Reasonable increase in living costs if your residence is unfit for use through damage or loss, or lost income coverage if the residence is being rented to others

Coverage E: Farm Barns, Buildings and Structures

All the other farm-related buildings, such as barns, silos, tenant-occupied dwellings, portable buildings, private greenhouses, winery buildings, and more

Coverage F: Scheduled Farm Personal Property

Owned, rented, or borrowed machinery and equipment; farm products and supplies; poultry and livestock (can be scheduled on a per-animal basis or an entire class)

Coverage G: Unscheduled Farm Personal Property

Property such as hay, silage, feed, livestock, machinery, equipment and other supplies

Umbrella Coverage

Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance is able to provide Farm Umbrella policies to protect your assets if there’s an accident or injury on your property.

Equine Liability Coverage

Our Equine Liability Coverage can help cover your operation whether you are a private owner who needs some peace-of-mind or an experienced equine business owner looking for additional liability coverage for your horse training or boarding operation.

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Avian Flu Lost Earnings Coverage

Poultry is among the most valuable agriculture industry in Virginia so it’s in our interest to protect it. We can provide lost income coverage if your poultry farm becomes infected with avian influenza.

Depopulation Coverage

Depopulation Coverage can help cover lost earnings for most domestic poultry including:

  • Layers, Pullets
  • Broilers
  • Ducks, Geese
  • Turkeys
  • Guinea Fowl
  • Pheasants
  • Quail

Additional Coverage Options

Quarantine Coverage
Provides coverage for income lost when an insured location is quarantined due to avian influenza.

Dependent Location Coverage
Can reimburse lost earnings if supply chain infrastructure is contaminated.

Poultry Endorsement

Farmowner Advantage Endorsement

Our Farmowner Advantage Endorsement provides improved coverage for production operations of any size. The included Equipment Breakdown coverage can provide support for large farms as well as smaller producers with more specialized needs.

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Home & Farm Coverages

We’ve made it easier to cover more property.

Increased Coverage Limits

  • Theft of jewelry, watches and rings
  • Refrigerated food spoilage
  • Water backup/sump pump overflow
  • Rented equipment
  • Glass breakage in cabs
  • Property in transit

Broad Deductible Provision

Deductibles are determined per occurrence rather than per location if the loss occurs in multiple areas.

farm irrigation

Farm Equipment Breakdown

We provide coverage for a wide range of mechanical and electronic equipment.

  • Dryers and deep well pumps
  • Pressure vessels
  • Irrigation systems
  • Feeding equipment
  • Boilers
  • Freezers
  • Generators & GPS systems
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Home Systems Protection

Farmowner Advantage Endorsement coverage extends beyond your operations and into your home.

  • Central air units
  • Boilers or furnaces
  • Well pumps and sump pumps
  • Emergency Generators
  • Water purification and filtration systems
  • Renewable energy equipment
  • Smart home devices and security systems

Other Endorsements

Farm Extra Expense Endorsement

Covers the extra expense incurred to continue normal farm operations because of an insured loss or damage to insured property. For example, the expense to rent substitute machinery following a loss would be covered.

Farm Business Income Endorsement

Covers loss of farm income due to the necessary suspension of farm operations because of a covered loss to farm barns, buildings or structures. The loss of earnings due to a fire to an insured building would be covered until the structure is replaced.

Peak Season Inventory Endorsement

Farm personal property such as grain, hay or livestock can be insured for increased amounts for specified periods of time.

Special Form Coverage for Farm Barns & Buildings

Coverage for barns buildings can be expanded to provide protection from a variety of perils.

Replacement Cost Coverage for Farm Barns & Buildings

This covers the actual cost of replacing or repairing a damaged barn or building.

Incidental Business Operations Endorsement

Provides liability protection for business ventures outside of traditional farming activities such as corn mazes, wagon rides, pick your own, snow removal with farm equipment, and bed & breakfasts.

We know this is about more than your farm.

This is your home, your business and your life. That’s a lot of responsibility. Since the beginning, Virginia’s farmers have put their trust in Virginia Farm Bureau to provide affordable, high-quality coverage to fit their needs and operations. Connect with your local agent today.

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Questions To Ask Your Agent

Your farm may benefit from scheduled or un scheduled coverage depending on its size, complexity, and insurance needs. Talk to your agent about what is best for your farm.

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Depending on how your vehicle is used, it may not be insured under your farm equipment coverage. Talk to your Virginia Farm Bureau Agent to make sure you are fully covered.

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Yes! Your home, as well as the personal property inside it, are covered according to the policy terms under a Farmowner policy. Ask your agent for more details.

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Umbrella insurance isn’t only for the wealthy. Having an umbrella policy keeps a massive lawsuit from wiping out all your other assets. The amount of these policies varies based on what you’re protecting.

Umbrella Insurance