Advisory Committees

Agriculture in Virginia is an increasingly diverse industry, with dynamic changes occurring locally, regionally, statewide, nationally and internationally. Virginia farmers need a voice and a forum to surface issues that impact their ability to compete in the fast-changing world of production agriculture.

Advisory committees serve as the eyes, ears and voice of the VFBF producer membership. Committees identify commodity specific issues and make recommendations for VFBF staff to follow in addressing those issues. Our committees address a wide array of subjects relevant to their specific commodities, including production, marketing and legislative issues that impact their ability to compete. All committee members are volunteer leaders from around the state interested in engaging at the grassroots level in the issue position process.

In addition to committees, VFB offers two marketing programs to encourage competition in the marketplace: apple marketing and grain marketing.

Commodity Advisory Committees


Burley Tobacco




Flue-Cured Tobacco


Land Use Assessment




Soybean and Feed Grains

Specialty Crops

Combine harvester

Marketing Programs

Grain Marketing

VFB’s Grain Division provides marketing opportunities and pertinent market information for Virginia grain producers.

Commodity Resources

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