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Virginia Farm Bureau works to catalyze its members’ success by providing opportunities and resources that add value to Virginia agriculture.

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We help our producer members by:

Providing economic research and educational resources

We inform and connect farmers through educational events and easy-to-access digital tools.

Developing value-added agricultural businesses

We help farmers transition into value-added enterprises through technical assistance and strategic guidance.

Marketing Commodities

We promote commodities and value-added agricultural products in domestic and foreign markets.

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Here’s how we do it:


Grain Marketing

Virginia Farm Bureau buys corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, oats and milo from Virginia farmers. The Grain Division is one of several Virginia Farm Bureau affiliate companies designed to provide greater value to Farm Bureau members and the overall agricultural community.

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Richlands Dairy

Business Development

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation works directly with the Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural Sustainability (VA FAIRS) to assist producers starting or expanding value-added agricultural businesses.

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Advisory Committees

Agriculture in Virginia is an increasingly diverse industry, with dynamic changes occurring locally, regionally, statewide, nationally and internationally. Virginia farmers need a voice and a forum to surface issues that impact their ability to compete in the fast-changing world of production agriculture.

Research & Resources

Virginia Farm Bureau also studies key issues affecting the economic sustainability of agricultural sectors across the Commonwealth. We keep farmers updated regularly on trends and opportunities through our Merchandiser Minute and CattlePulse podcasts and online resources such as the Virginia Commodity Marketing website.

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