Renter's Insurance

Your landlord’s insurance policy guarantees a cozy building, but it stops well short of covering what’s inside that building—in other words, your belongings and keepsakes.

That’s where renters insurance comes in. It’s substantially cheaper than a homeowners policy while still protecting your stuff and you in case of disaster, such as a kitchen fire that fills the apartment with smoke. Your landlord will repair the charred kitchen, but the smoke damage to your clothes, couch, linens, etc. is a job for your renters policy.

Our renters insurance protects your personal property as well as your personal liability.

Of course your renters policy will cover things like electronics, furniture, clothing, and more from disasters like vandalism, theft, smoke, fire, and lightning. It also protects you from financial liability if you cause injury to someone else or someone else’s property, regardless of location. That keeps your bank account safer in situations where you’d otherwise pay out of pocket.

Your local Farm Bureau Insurance agent can help you navigate exactly what you need with basic coverage, plus other coverages, such as:

  • Replacement Cost Coverage to pay for the cost of replacing items without deductions for depreciation.
  • Scheduled Personal Property Coverage to cover special types of property against most risks of loss.
  • Identity Fraud Expense Coverage to cover expenses incurred as the direct result of identity fraud.

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