Umbrella Policies

Umbrella insurance goes beyond everyday events to protect hard-working folks from the catastrophic.

Perhaps an auto accident spirals into a 10-car pile-up with serious injuries, or a backyard pool results in a horrible diving accident and a personal suit. The cost of such claims—especially with legal fees—can exceed even the most robust policies and threaten livelihoods.

Umbrella policies pick up where the limits of primary coverage leave off. For instance, if your auto policy covers up to $300,000 but you face a claim of $500,000, umbrella insurance would cover the $200,000 shortfall.

This added liability protection keeps assets like your college funds, retirement savings, and emergency funds safe from legal liabilities that could otherwise wipe them out. It’s the rainy day coverage that protects the lifestyle you’ve worked hard for.

Our local agents can help you find an umbrella policy that complements multiple policies, including:

  • Personal policies such as auto and homeowners
  • Farm policies across various industries
  • Commercial policies such as business owners or worker’s compensation

You already carry coverages like homeowners and auto to protect your family’s way of life when disaster strikes. With an inexpensive umbrella policy, you can carry that protection the extra mile. 

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