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Exclusive offer on prescription medications for members

Prescription drug prices have skyrocketed over the last few years, but no one should have to choose between feeding their family and taking their medications.

Farm Bureau members in Virginia don’t have to make that choice because they are now eligible to receive free generic prescriptions delivered right to their door!

My Free Pharmacy is offering VFB members a special subscription rate to My Free Pharmacy for $17.96 a month for individuals or $26.96 monthly for families.

After subscribing, members have access to over 600 of the most commonly used generic medications for FREE. This includes the top 124 most-prescribed, acute medications for up to a 21-day supply at more than 64,000 pharmacies nationwide. Members also receive FREE home delivery of maintenance drugs for chronic, long-term conditions and access to the lowest-priced insulin in the U.S. at $19.88 per vial. They also are eligible to purchase over-the-counter medications at a fraction of retail prices.

Call the My Free Pharmacy customer service team at the number below to verify your medications are available for FREE.