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August 24, 2023

AgPAC endorses 101 candidates for General Assembly seats

VFBF AgPAC, Farm Bureau’s political action committee, has announced its endorsement of 32 candidates for the Virginia Senate and 69 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates. Although Farm Bureau did not endorse some candidates, the organization felt that it is keeping an open door with those legislators and is looking forward to working with them.

The endorsements are based on recommendations of local committees of farmers. “Candidates are evaluated through a grassroots process that assesses their understanding of the needs and challenges that we as farmers face in today’s times,” said Wayne F. Pryor, VFBF president and chairman of the VFBF AgPAC board of trustees. “Those who have received the AgPAC endorsement have a history of supporting issues important to agriculture or have demonstrated their commitment through their participation in the evaluation process.

“We believe these candidates will help protect the agriculture and forestry industries and ensure that they remain the No. 1 industries in the commonwealth.”

The non-partisan VFBF AgPAC was created in 1999 and employs in-kind contributions and endorsements to support candidates who can best support agriculture and Farm Bureau issues.

The following candidates were endorsed (* indicates incumbent candidates):

Endorsed for Virginia Senate

SD1 - Timmy French (R)

SD2 - Mark Obenshain* (R)

SD3 - Christopher Head (R)

SD4 - Dave Suetterlein* (R)

SD5 - Travis Hackworth* (R)

SD6 - Todd Pillion* (R)

SD7 - Bill Stanley* (R)

SD8 - Mark Peake* (R)

SD9 - Frank Ruff* (R)

SD10 - John McGuire (R)

SD11 - Creigh Deeds* (D)

SD12 – Glen Sturtevant (R)

SD13 – Lashrecse Aird (D)

SD15 – Ghazala Hashmi* (D)

SD16 – Siobhan Dunnavant* (R)

SD17 – Emily Brewer (R)

SD18 – Louise Lucas* (D)

SD19 – Christie New Craig (R)

SD20 – Bill DeSteph* (R)

SD21 – Angelia Williams Graves (D)

SD23 – Mamie Locke* (D)

SD24 – Monty Mason* (D)

SD25 – Richard Stuart* (R)

SD26 – Ryan McDougle* (R)

SD27 – Tara Durant (R)

SD28 – Bryce Reeves* (R)

SD29 – Jeremy McPike* (D)

SD34 – Scott Surovell* (D)

SD35 – Dave Marsden* (D)

SD38 – Jennifer Boysko* (D)

SD39 – Adam Ebbin* (D)

SD40 – Barbara Favola* (D)

Endorsed for House of Delegates

HD1 - Patrick Hope* (D)

HD3 - Alfonso Lopez* (D)

HD4 - Charniele Herring* (D)

HD5 - Elizabeth Bennett-Parker* (D)

HD6 - Rip Sullivan* (D)

HD8 - Irene Shin* (D)

HD9 - Karrie Delaney* (D)

HD10 - Dan Helmer* (D)

HD11 - David Bulova* (D)

HD12 - Holly Seibold* (D)

HD14 - Vivian Watts* (D)

HD16 - Paul Krizek* (D)

HD17 - Mark Sickles* (D)

HD18 - Kathy Tran* (D)

HD20 - Michelle Maldonado* (D)

HD25 - Briana Sewell* (D)

HD26 - Kannan Srinivasan (D)

HD27 - Atoosa Reaser (D)

HD28 - David Reid* (D)

HD31 - Delores Oates (R)

HD32 - Bill Wiley* (R)

HD33 - Todd Gilbert* (R)

HD34 - Tony Wilt* (R)

HD35 - Chris Runion* (R)

HD36 - Ellen Campbell* (R)

HD37 - Terry Austin* (R)

HD38 - Sam Rasoul* (D)

HD39 - Will Davis (R)

HD40 - Joe McNamara* (R)

HD42 - Jason Ballard* (R)

HD43 - Will Morefield* (R)

HD44 - Israel O'Quinn* (R)

HD45 - Terry Kilgore* (R)

HD46 - Jed Arnold (R)

HD47 - Wren Williams* (R)

HD48 - Les Adams* (R)

HD49 - Danny Marshall* (R)

HD50 - Tommy Wright* (R)

HD52 - Wendell Walker* (R)

HD53 - Tim Griffin (R)

HD56 - Tom Garrett (R)

HD59 - Buddy Fowler* (R)

HD60 - Scott Wyatt* (R)

HD61 - Michael Webert* (R)

HD62 - Nick Freitas* (R)

HD63 - Phillip Scott* (R)

HD64 - Paul Milde (R)

HD66 - Bobby Orrock* (R)

HD67 - Hillary Pugh Kent (R)

HD68 - Keith Hodges* (R)

HD69 - Chad Green (R)

HD70 - Shelly Simonds* (D)

HD71 - Amanda Batten* (R)

HD72 - Lee Ware* (R)

HD73 - Mark Earley Jr. (R)

HD74 - Mike Cherry* (R)

HD75 - Carrie Coyner* (R)

HD78 - Betsy Carr* (D)

HD81 - Delores McQuinn* (D)

HD82 - Kim Taylor* (R)

HD83 - Otto Wachsmann* (R)

HD86 - A.C. Cordoza* (R)

HD88 - Don Scott* (D)

HD90 - Jay Leftwich* (R)

HD91 - Cliff Hayes* (D)

HD97 - Karen Greenhalgh* (R)

HD98 - Barry Knight* (R)

HD99 - Anne Ferrell Tata* (R)

HD100 - Rob Bloxom Jr.* (R)

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