Women’s Leadership Committee

Faye Hundley

Women’s State Chair

Faye Hundley, Women’s State Chair

Cloverfield Enterprises

Essex County

Years in Farming: 34 years

Operation: Corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and hay

Number of Acres: 7,500

Other Occupation: Secretary, bookkeeper, asst. vice president - bank operations

What I like best about farming - the passion, drive, and the feeling of pride we have as a family for growing crops that impact the world. The Women's Program is nurturing, encouraging and engages ladies from across the state in promoting agriculture.

Carolyn Neal

District 1 and 2 Leader

District 1 and 2 Leader

Tazewell County

Years in Farming: 35

Operation: I live on a beef cattle, hay and tobacco farm.

Number of Acres: 125

Other Occupation: I am a retired elementary school teacher.

I enjoy working with the State Women’s Committee on projects that help educate children about agriculture.

Julia Stephens

District 3 Leader

District 3 Leader

Wythe County

Years in Farming: 30

Operation: Dairy cows, beef cattle, mixed forage hay and pasture

Number of Acres: 350

Other Occupation: Program technician with the Farm Service Agency

I enjoy farming and the wide-open spaces associated with it. I also enjoy watching the seasons change. Participating with the Women’s Committee allows me to promote agriculture with like-minded people and to make long-term friends.

Dr. Morgan Washburn

District 4 Leader

District 4 Leader

Circle W Farms

Franklin County

Years in Farming: 6

Operation: Beef cattle

Number of Acres: 50

Other Occupation: Agriculture teacher

I am a high school agriculture teacher at a rural high school in southwest Virginia where I also serve as an FFA adviser and mentor. My husband and I live on a small third-generation farm where we raise and breed Hereford cattle, micro-miniature donkeys, fainting goats and chickens. We have two young girls, ages 1 and 3, who love being involved in the farm, with the animals and spending time outside. In our free time, we like to spend time at Smith Mountain Lake and with friends and family. We are active members in several local agriculture and community organizations and within our church.

Michelle Martin

District 5 Leader

District 5 Leader

Middle River Farms, Augusta County

Rockingham County

Years in Farming: 27

Operation: Poultry, row crops and pick-your-own pumpkin patch.

I love being an advocate for agriculture! I have enjoyed getting to know the other women all over the state who share the same love of agriculture. Through the Women’s Leadership Committee, I have gained valuable leadership skills and learned how much the Farm Bureau accomplishes as an organization.

Jamie Pence

District 6 Leader

Northern District Leader Jamie Pence

Pence Family Farms

Shenandoah County

Years in Farming: 10 years

Operation: Beef cattle and hay

Number of Acres: 125

Other Occupation: Learning development specialist

I love that the Women's Committee allows me to gain leadership skills by interacting with other women in my county and from different parts of the state . I enjoy being a continuing advocate for agriculture and a relationship builder for Farm Bureau with ladies that share a love for agriculture.

Katelyn Burner

District 7 Leader

District 7 Leader

Spring Hill Farm

Orange County

Operation: I grew up on the family dairy, beef and poultry farm in Rockingham County, where I milked cows, helped my granddad in the broiler houses and managed a small herd of beef cows with my sister. I moved to Orange County in 2012, and my husband and I bought our farm in Orange in 2017. Along with our two children, we raise a herd of commercial boer goats, and I love to garden!

Number of Acres: 90

Other Occupation: Credit Analyst with First Bank & Trust

I am a huge advocate of agriculture! Growing up on a family farm, and now raising my children on a farm, has given me a huge appreciation for the folks that work every day to provide food for the world. I am passionate about the work that the Women's Committee does, from educating children through Ag Literacy week, to working with local legislators, and providing leadership opportunities and training for women to be a voice for agriculture.

Jessica Pittman

District 8 Leader

District 8 Leader

Hanover County

Years in Farming: 22

Other Occupation: I am a second-grade teacher in Louisa County Public School with a passion for teaching our next generation of consumers about agriculture.

I was the 2017 Virginia AITC Teacher of the Year and that same year; I was awarded with a National AITC Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture award. I've been active as a 4-H leader, a certified riding instructor through the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association and an "agvocate" for many years. I appreciate all that we do within the WLC to foster a love and appreciation of agriculture within our community.

Ginger Shotwell

District 10 & 11 Leader

District 10 & 11 Leader

Pittsylvania County

Years in Farming: I have been involved with Farming all my life. I grew up on a grade B dairy and tobacco farm. I began milking by hand at the age of 5. In 1972 I married a tobacco and beef cattle farmer. After his death in 2009, I continued to have the cattle with help of my daughter and son-in-law.

Number of Acres: 85

Operation: We have a small cow calf operation on 85 acres.

I am active with the Pittsylvania women's committee. I lead our National Agriculture Day programs each year. I have served as chairman several times and served on the state committee for five years.

Stephanie Broaddus

District 12 Leader

District 12 Leader

More information coming!

Spring Hill Farm

Caroline County

Operation: Beef cattle, straw, grain operation

Number of Acres: 1,800

Other Occupation: I run my family's plumbing company with my brother in Goochland. We mainly do residential new construction and remodels and run four crews.

I married into agriculture but enjoy the lifestyle and supporting our family farm. We have 2 boys, Silas (7) and Samuel (4) and enjoy watching them help on the farm. I enjoy being a part of like-minded women of agriculture and being a part of the Women's Committee. It gives me so many opportunities to grow your knowledge and leadership/communication skills!

Brandy Compton

District 13 Leader

District 13 Leader

Surry County

Years in Farming: All my life.

Operation: Poultry and small animals

Number of Acres: 151

Other Occupation: I work at the Virginia Cooperative Extension office as the program assistant for Isle of Wight County 4-H and 4-H youth development. This job is incredibly rewarding. I never have the same day twice. I get to help educate the next generation on the importance of agriculture. My goal in my career is for one of my students to find me 20 years from now and tell me they have become a first-generation farmer.

The Women’s Leadership Committee has allowed me to meet amazing like-minded women all over my state. I love being able to advocate for an industry I wholeheartedly believe is worth fighting for.

Roxanne Stonecypher

District 14 Leader

District 14 Leader

Stonecypher Family Farms, and Canebrake Farm


Years in Farming: 40

Operation: Corn, soybeans, hay, straw, cover crop seed production and timber.

Number of Acres: 650

Other Occupation: Retired landscape coordinator and arborist for two cities.

Our county is a mix of urban, suburban and rural areas. Through the Women’s Leadership Committee, I find it extremely satisfying to bring the agricultural message to those who have little understanding of where their food, fiber and renewable fuel comes from. I like to highlight the farmers’ hard work, high standards, financial resourcefulness, environmental stewardship, mechanical ingenuity and just plain common sense that they use to produce quality farm products.

Additionally, I like advocating for our legislative and environmental causes, and enjoy the spirit of friendship and community within our Farm Bureau family.