Women's Committee

Faye Hundley

Women’s State Chair

Faye Hundley, Women’s State Chair

Cloverfield Enterprises

Essex County

Years in Farming: 34 years

Operation: Corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and hay

Number of Acres: 7,500

Other Occupation: Secretary, bookkeeper, asst. vice president - bank operations

What I like best about farming - the passion, drive, and the feeling of pride we have as a family for growing crops that impact the world. The Women's Program is nurturing, encouraging and engages ladies from across the state in promoting agriculture.

Susan Smith

Capital District Leader

Capital District Leader Susan Smith

Rocky Acres

Powhatan County

Years in Farming: I have lived on a farm just about all my life. I grew up on a 200-acre tobacco, soybean, wheat, hay and beef cattle farm in Pittsylvania County.

Operation: Square-baled orchard grass hay and pine trees grow on our Powhatan County farm.

Number of Acres: 70

Other Occupation: I was a stay-at-home mother of three children for seven years but also taught elementary school for 29 years. After retiring I became involved with Powhatan County Farm Bureau and have served as chairman of their Women's Committee and on their board of directors for three years. Digging in the dirt to plant flowers and vegetables is just in my blood! I love the space around me to be a mixture of open fields with growing crops, grazing animals and trees reaching for the sky. I love that my neighbors can neither see in my windows nor hear my conversations. I appreciate Farm Bureau’s work and support for our farming community. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and love of agriculture with others.

Sarah Large

Central District Leader

Central District Sarah Large

Cherry Hill Farm

Buckingham County

Years in Farming: I have been involved in agriculture my entire life but did not become involved in production agriculture until meeting my husband in 2010.

Operation: We finish on average 20,000 gilts each year for Smithfield Foods, and we also have a cow-calf beef cattle operation.

Number of Acres: Approximately 1,100

My husband and I are very blessed to be able to make our living farming, which gives us the opportunity to work alongside each other every day, along with our two children. The Women's Program gives me the opportunity to go out into the community and educate others on the importance of agriculture. In an ever-changing society the general public is becoming more and more disconnected from farm life. I am thankful for the opportunity to raise awareness and provide valuable knowledge about where our food comes from.

Becky Broaddus

Eastern District Leader

Eastern District Leader Becky Broaddus

Spring Hill Farm

Caroline County

Years in Farming: All of my life. I have always been involved in some form of agriculture and/or with animals

Operation: Corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, hay and beef cattle

Number of Acres: Approximately 900

Other Occupation: Retired from Caroline County Public Schools and working part time with my nieces as head baker at The Mix House Coffee & Bakery Shop

Farming provides an opportunity to see something from start to finish. It’s seasonal and there’s always something different going on. I love the country life and being able to be a part of the agricultural world. The Women’s Program gives me a chance to give back and work with other women who have similar interests.

Debbie Brubaker

Midwest District Leader

Midwest District Leader Debbie Brubaker

Brubaker Farming

Franklin County

Years in Farming: 26, I moved to Franklin County when I married my husband, Mike, a third-generation dairy farmer.

Operation: We sold our dairy herd three years ago and are transitioning to a Black Angus beef herd. We also grow and sell corn, soybeans, wheat and hay.

Number of Acres: 200

Other Occupation: I work as a graphic artist with my father and brother at our family business, D.T.S. Reprographics in Salem. I also keep the books for our farm.

Having not grown up on a farm, I have found the importance of having my children grow up here and how closely it holds our family together. I have learned where my food comes from and how much work a farmer does every day just to provide a good safe product for us to eat. This is where the Women’s Program comes in; they help me get the message out and provide resources to get the job done. The Women’s Program also offers the opportunity to network with other farmers and inspires us to continue to learn more about the industry. I am excited about being a part of the state Women’s Committee and having new opportunities to share my story.

Julia Stephens

New River District Leader

 Julia Stephens

Wythe County

Years in Farming: 30

Operation: Dairy cows, beef cattle, mixed forage hay and pasture

Number of Acres: 350

Other Occupation: Program technician with the Farm Service Agency

I enjoy farming and the wide-open spaces associated with it. I also enjoy watching the seasons change. Participating with the Women’s Committee allows me to promote agriculture with like-minded people and to make long-term friends.

Marty K. Potts

Northern District Leader

Northern District Leader Marty K. Potts

Orchard Crest Inc.

Loudoun County

Years in Farming: Farming in Loudoun since 1747

Operation: Currently we have an Angus cow-calf, soybean, corn and hay operation

Number of Acres: 300

Other Occupation: I am an AP world history teacher at Woodgrove High School and have taught full time for 25 years and part time for 15. I serve on three boards in addition to the State Women's Committee: Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum, Loudoun County Farm Bureau and Hillsboro Cemetery Board.

Farming has been an excellent way to raise a family! When I reflect on my time in the Women's Program the words that come to mind are agricultural education, support, unity and sense of purpose to provide a safe and well-produced food supply. The women involved are wonderful to be with and strive to bring out the best qualities in each of us.

Susan Harrell

Southeast District Leader

Southeast District Leader Susan Harrell

Forest Glen Farms

Greensville County

Years in Farming: 39 years

Operation: Soybeans, small herd of Angus cattle, hay production to accommodate wintertime feeding. We have raised tobacco, peanuts, cotton, bell peppers and corn over our tenure as crop stewards.

Number of Acres: 151

Other Occupation: Full-time office manager with Georgia Pacific LLC Wood & Fiber Supply

I like the sense of pride and fulfillment watching your crops grow and mature, as well as being an integral part of feeding our nation! Interacting with other ladies from across the state, sharing ideas, being an advocate, expressing myself and the proud passion that I have for agriculture.

Kristal Harris

Southside District Leader

Southside District Leader Ginger Shotwell

Harris Farms

Pittsylvania County

Years in Farming: My husband and I are first generation Virginia farmers. While my husband has always been involved in production agriculture, we started our family farming operation in 2005.

Number of Acres: 800

Operation: My husband and I purchased his great-grandfather’s farmland in 2004 and began the process of forming our own “family farm.” I am very pleased that our three children are getting to grow up on our farm. Currently, we grow flue-cured tobacco and small grains. In addition, we have a beef cattle herd and poultry house.

Other Occupation: High School Business & Marketing Education Teacher

I am very thankful that I am able to be a part of Virginia agriculture. Being involved in the women's committee gives me a chance to help share agriculture with my community and be an advocate for the agriculture industry.

Carolyn Neal

Southwest District Leader

Southwest District Leader Sandi Puckett

Tazewell County

Years in Farming: 35

Operation: I live on a beef cattle, hay and tobacco farm.

Number of Acres: 125

Other Occupation: I am a retired elementary school teacher.

I enjoy working with the State Women’s Committee on projects that help educate children about agriculture.

Margaret Arbogast

Valley District Leader

Valley District Leader Margaret Arbogast

Arbogast Farms, Peaked Mountain Farm

Rockingham County

Years in Farming: 12 years; I married a third-generation farmer

Operation: Broiler chickens, beef cattle, sheep, corn and hay

Number of Acres: Approximately 1,200

Other Occupation: Mother of three beautiful children, part-time clinical pharmacist at Sentara Rockingham Memorial Hospital

Nursing a lamb back to health, teaching my children the value of hard work and having three generations of family working together and creating a bright future for our children.