Committee Leadership

Mindy McCroskey

State Young Farmers Chair

State Chair Mindy McCroskey

McCroskey Farm

Washington County, VA

Commercial Beef Cattle; Purebred and registered Simmental

Other Occupation: Agricultural Educator & FFA Advisor at Abingdon High School

I love farming because I love working with cattle and being outside. I enjoy seeing little miracles every day on the farm and understanding the importance of the industry. I love the Young Farmers program because I get to collaborate with other farmers my age and I enjoy their friendship and expertise. I like being involved in the program with other young leaders who are passionate about agriculture.

Brandon & Victoria Gent

District 1

District 1 Brandon & Victoria Gent

Gent Farm

Russell County, VA

Cattle, sheep and hogs direct marketed to local restaurants and individuals.

We both farm full time and are very passionate about agriculture in our community. We strive as a couple to lead by example. We believe in the continuous improvement of our agricultural community and see Farm Bureau Young Farmers as a way to help.

William "Bear" Lloyd

District 2

District 2 William 'Bear' LLoyd

Ole Faithful Farm

Washington County, VA

Beef Cattle and Sheep

Other Occupation: Business education teacher in Smyth County

I love meeting other young farmers across the state that understand the hopes and the struggles we all have as farmers.

Casey & Stacey Phillips

District 3

district 3 Casey & Stacey Phillips

Dry Valley Farms & Phillips Dairy

Montgomery County, VA

Dairy Cows & Feed Crops, Class A Milk, U-pick Sweet Corn, Sunflowers

Other Occupation: Special Education Teacher; Farmstead Photography (Stacey)

Children: Austin & Cole

We love the opportunities provided to be involved with Farm Bureau in leadership positions, in our education of and involvement in the legislative process, advocating for agriculture and building relationships with other young farmers across Virginia.

Jonathan Wood

District 4

Disctrict 4 Johnathan Wood

Old Cedar Farm

Patrick County, VA

Beef Cattle, Hay, Grafted Apple and Pear Trees for Nursery Stock

Other Occupation: Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor at Patrick County High School

Farming allows me the freedom to go in any direction I want and cater to any consumer on whatever scale that works for individuals. The Young Farmers program is a great way to connect with people that share the same beliefs and passions as I do and it allows me to network with other peers to benefit us all mutually.

Marcus & Sara Smith

District 5

District 5 Marcus & Sara Smith

Smith Farm

Rockbridge County, VA

Corn, Soybeans, Hay

Other Occupation: Sara works at the Amish Cupboard

We like farming because of working the land with our family and getting to work on equipment I enjoy while watching the crops we planted grow.

Nathaniel & Ashle Dirting

District 6

district 6 Nathaniel & Ashle Dirting

D&M Farms LLC

Shenandoah County, VA

Mainly beef cattle of all shapes and sizes. From brood cows to finished cattle ready for markets. Forage crops and grain for feed. Wheat, soybeans, square bales & straw

Other Occupation: Registered Nurse in a local emergency hospital. (Ashle)

Children: Leigha and Landon

We recognize that there are so few young farmers around, so it's very energizing to meet with other young people with the same agricultural passions like ours. Through the Young Farmers program, we’ve developed life-long friendships and been exposed to opportunities we never would have had otherwise. It's also a great way to see the incredible diversity of the agriculture industry across the state.

Glenn & Amanda Dye

District 7

Distrct 7 Glenn & Amanda Dye

Dye Farms

Stafford County, VA

Grain and Beef Cattle

Other Occupation: Glenn sells precision equipment as an independent dealer for Ag Leader Technology and Amanda was an agricultural commodities inspector for the Virginia Department of Agriculture before becoming a full-time mom.

Children: Landon & Graham

Glenn says about farming that it’s about "doing what I love the most with the people I love the most". Within Young Farmers, we enjoy meeting other young farmers, experiencing the diversity of Virginia agriculture and supporting agriculture in our home county through our Farm Bureau board of directors and across the state through policy resolutions and safety programs.

Harrison & Kayla Pemberton

District 8

District 8 Harrison & Kayla Pemberton

Cherry Dale Farm

Hanover County, VA

Beef Cattle, Grain and Hay

Other Occupation: Welder for mobile and on-site company (Harrison)

Children: Beau

I love being able to farm with my father and uncle while also adding to the farm business for the future. In Young Farmers, the Expo events offer a break from all the hard work of everyday on the farm and in the welding shop with a network of great people who know, like we do, what it takes to make it in this industry.

John & Lydia Shepherd

District 9

District 9 John & Lydia Shepherd

Shepherd Grain Farms LLC

Nottoway County, VA

Wheat, Rapeseed, Corn and Soybeans

Children: Hannah, Roy, & John Walter

The thing that I love most about farming is working for myself. I also love to see an end product. To actually produce something from a seed through hard work and expertise offers us a tremendous sense of pride.

J. B. & Victoria Gregory

District 10

District 10 WIll & Becky Roberts

Spring Hollow Farms, LLC

Pittsylvania County, VA

Beef cattle, Flue-cured tobacco, Grain

Other Occupation: Agricultural Educator and FFA Advisor at Chatham High School (Victoria)

Agriculture brought us up and brought us together. We love working in an industry where we can promote our passion with others. Our connection to agriculture runs deep as God has blessed us to be part of the sixth generation to carry on our heritage of farming. Being a part of Young Farmers has created a great opportunity to network and build lasting friendships.

Lindy Tucker

District 11

District 11 Lindy Tucker

Rome Farm

Lunenburg County, VA

Cow/calf Beef Operation; Pasture and Hay

Other Occupation: Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension Agent in Lunenburg

I love cows, but my work has me in everything from tobacco to tomatoes to boxwoods. I love agriculture because we are a family, all of us, tied together by our love of the soil, plants and animals we care for. I am really enjoying Farm Bureau Young Farmers because it is growing and stretching me by exposing me to challenges and issues faced by producers across the state on both farm and policy fronts, and by creating a widespread network of people who share my love of the land. I am excited to get to know you and your love of ag!

Nick Moody

District 13

District 13 Nick Moody

Southside Ag Enterprises LLC and Green Meadows Farm

Dinwiddie County, VA

Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Backgrounding Beef Steers, Some Specialty Crops

Other Occupation: Nutrient Management Coordinator for Biosolids with Dept. of Conservation and Recreation

I love the independence that comes along with farming.

Kyle Sturgis

District 14

District 14 Kyle Sturgis

Tri-S Farms Inc., Southern Shore Farms L.L.C and C&S Seafood

Northampton County, VA

Soybeans, Corn, Sorghum, Wheat and Vegetables, Clams/Oysters

Other Occupation: Agronomist for Helena Chemical Company

The thing I love the most about farming is the freedom to make your own decisions. Not every farmer is going to run their farm the same. Some may have different techniques or opinions on how to do things, but that’s what makes it great. Farming is one of the most noble professions anyone could partake in and we are all in it for one common goal. To feed the world. The Young Farmers Program has been a great experience for me. The thing I love the most about the program is the ability to network with other young people across the state that have a passion for agriculture. It is great getting to build lasting friendships that will extended into the future with my farming and Farm Bureau career.

Grant & Jessica Coffee

Immediate Past Chair & current AFBF YF&R Committee (Grant)

Immediate Past Chair Grant & Jessica Coffee

Coffee Farm Enterprises, LLC

Lunenburg County, VA

Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Custom Harvesting and Spraying

Other Occupation: Tobacco Research Specialist at Virginia Tech Southern Piedmont Agriculture Research & Extension Center (Grant); Hollyfield Manor Wedding and Events, LLC and catering business owner (Jessica)

Children: Sarah and Hailey

We know that farming allows us so many opportunities to raise our girls in the best environment, with the best people. We enjoy sharing an agricultural setting through Hollyfield Manor and offering opportunities for non-farmers to enjoy an incredible experience connected to the industry we love. Owning our businesses and being free to make decisions for growth inspire us to share this with others through Young Farmers. Building friendships across our state and the nation with a diverse group of farmers and agribusiness professionals of all types has been the greatest reward.