24/7 Roadside Assistance

From Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance

Farm Bureau Insurance members with our Towing and Labor coverage will automatically receive Roadside Assistance, powered by Quest® . With Roadside Assistance coverage, you get the same services, and an improved process at no additional cost.1

Contact your local agent if you would like to add this valuable coverage to your policy.

(888) 236-7716

when you need roadside help just call:

(800) 452-7714

we'll take care of the rest

Does this change affect me?

All Farm Bureau Insurance auto policyholders with our Towing and Labor coverage will automatically receive the added benefit of Roadside Assistance, powered by Quest®. We chose to partner with Quest® because they are a leading roadside assistance provider, and deliver the quality and service our members deserve.

What's changing?

We’ve improved the process to make emergency roadside assistance as simple as possible for our members.

The Old Process

1. Find a Provider

2. Arrange Assistance

3. Get a Bill

4. Send Us the Bill

5. Get Reimbursed

The New Process

1. Call 800-452-7714

2. Dial 1 for Quest®

3. We cover any roadside service1

What services are available?







How do I use Roadside Assistance services?

All you have to do is contact the claims number on your insurance card 1-800-452-7714, and select roadside assistance to speak with a Quest® representative. We will cover all costs up to your coverage limit.

Is my coverage limit high enough?

Towing rates can vary from one area to another. For instance, most companies have a “hookup” fee that they charge just to get your vehicle on the truck, and then charge you a certain rate based on how far you need to be towed. Services such as fuel delivery or lock-out service often have separate fees.

It doesn’t take much to find yourself with a bill for $100, and if your Towing & Labor coverage limit is only $75, you’ll be responsible for the other $25. Fortunately, you can now increase your coverage limit as high as $300.

How do I know if I have Towing & Labor coverage?

You can talk to your local agent or county office to discuss your policy, or you can easily view these documents online by logging into My Account, and selecting Documents. From there, you can download and review the policy documents for your vehicle.

Connect with your agent today to review your policy, and discuss the advantages of Roadside Assistance.

1. Up to Coverage Limit