Women's Committee

Faye Hundley

Women’s State Chair

Faye Hundley, Women’s State Chair

Cloverfield Enterprises

Essex County

Years in Farming: 34 years

Operation: Corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and hay

Number of Acres: 7,500

Other Occupation: Secretary, bookkeeper, asst. vice president - bank operations

What I like best about farming - the passion, drive, and the feeling of pride we have as a family for growing crops that impact the world. The Women's Program is nurturing, encouraging and engages ladies from across the state in promoting agriculture.

Carolyn Neal

District 1 and 2 Leader

District 1 and 2 Leader

Tazewell County

Years in Farming: 35

Operation: I live on a beef cattle, hay and tobacco farm.

Number of Acres: 125

Other Occupation: I am a retired elementary school teacher.

I enjoy working with the State Women’s Committee on projects that help educate children about agriculture.

Julia Stephens

District 3 Leader

District 3 Leader

Wythe County

Years in Farming: 30

Operation: Dairy cows, beef cattle, mixed forage hay and pasture

Number of Acres: 350

Other Occupation: Program technician with the Farm Service Agency

I enjoy farming and the wide-open spaces associated with it. I also enjoy watching the seasons change. Participating with the Women’s Committee allows me to promote agriculture with like-minded people and to make long-term friends.

Jessica Gwaltney

District 4 Leader

District 4 Leader

Gwaltney Farms (family farm) in Nansemond County

Giles County

Years in Farming: All of my life.

Operation: Cow/calf, small animals, corn, soybeans, cotton and participation in USDA Farm-To-School Program

Number of Acres: 35 (Land Lab)

Other Occupation: Agriculture education instructor, Narrows High School Agricultural Land Lab

Michelle Martin

District 5 Leader

District 5 Leader

More information coming!

Jamie Pence

District 6 Leader

Northern District Leader Jamie Pence

Pence Family Farms

Shenandoah County

Years in Farming: 10 years

Operation: Beef cattle and hay

Number of Acres: 125

Other Occupation: Learning development specialist

I love that the Women's Committee allows me to gain leadership skills by interacting with other women in my county and from different parts of the state . I enjoy being a continuing advocate for agriculture and a relationship builder for Farm Bureau with ladies that share a love for agriculture.

Katelyn Burner

District 7 Leader

District 7 Leader

More information coming!

Jessica Pittman

District 8 Leader

District 8 Leader

More information coming!

Kristal Harris

District 10 Leader

District 10 Leader

Harris Farms

Pittsylvania County

Years in Farming: My husband and I are first generation Virginia farmers. While my husband has always been involved in production agriculture, we started our family farming operation in 2005.

Number of Acres: 500

Operation: In 2003 my husband and I purchased his great-grandfather’s farmland and began our farming operation. I am very pleased that our three children are getting to grow up on our farm. We have a poultry breeder house and are the owner/operators of Golden Leaf Speckle Park, where we raise purebred and commercial Speckle Park cattle. We were the first Speckle Park breeders in Virginia, and currently market our genetics in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Other Occupation: High School Business & Marketing Education Teacher

I am very thankful that I am able to be a part of Virginia agriculture. Being involved in the women's committee gives me a chance to help share agriculture with my community and be an advocate for the agriculture industry.

Kathy Coffee

District 12 Leader

District 11 Leader

Stephanie Broaddus

District 12 Leader

District 12 Leader

More information coming!

Susan Harrell

District 13 Leader

District 13 Leader

Forest Glen Farms

Greensville County

Years in Farming: 39 years

Operation: Soybeans, small herd of Angus cattle, hay production to accommodate wintertime feeding. We have raised tobacco, peanuts, cotton, bell peppers and corn over our tenure as crop stewards.

Number of Acres: 151

Other Occupation: Full-time office manager with Georgia Pacific LLC Wood & Fiber Supply

I like the sense of pride and fulfillment watching your crops grow and mature, as well as being an integral part of feeding our nation! Interacting with other ladies from across the state, sharing ideas, being an advocate, expressing myself and the proud passion that I have for agriculture.

Roxanne Stonecypher

District 14 Leader

District 12 Leader

More information coming!